The leathers of Bello are the basis for making luxury clothing, footwear and leather goods.
Bello tannery produces leathers ready to be processed by the major fashion houses, satisfying the countless market demands.


Calf is certainly one of the leathers that makes Bello tannery stand out in the market and it is the most valuable. It is a full leather because the fibers, very narrow and fine, create a very resistant, soft, elastic and foldable product.

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Calf Suede

Bello tannery certainly stands out for its calf leathers and therefore also for the calf suede. The calf suede is the leather which is deprived of its grain in order to eliminate the shiny part and give a velvety appearance.

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New Zealand Lamb

The leathers of New Zealand Lamb are treated only with environmentally friendly substances, in fact Bello tannery has made it its own workhorse. Lambs are not subjected to pesticide baths as often happens, as they are carefully shorn, at least once a year, so as to allow the animal's skin to breathe more.

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South African Lamb

The offer of leathers of Bello tannery also includes South African lambs. The leather of South African lamb is characterized by a very fine grain and excellent resistance, characteristics that make it one of the most precious and cherished leathers from the world of fashion.

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French Coat

Its natural beauty does not stop us from touching it. Hardness guarantees resistance, but at the same time it is soft and sinuous. The wrinkled appearance of the veins is totally natural and gives it a unique appearance and unmistakable beauty.

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Dutch Calf

The leathers of calf are certainly the most valuable, as they have a remarkable fullness compared to their weight and thickness. The leather of Dutch Calf derives from a breed of cattle native to the regions of Holland.

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The leathers, thanks to their versatility, are suited for different types of processing with the possibility of obtaining various effects. One way to make the leather aesthetically beautiful is by laminating, i.e. by applying a very thin foil that can give the leather a more or less shiny appearance.

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Bello tannery does not deprive anything at all to its customers and it offers the possibility of customizing its leathers. In fact, we also find types of printed leathers that can be personalized with any design, texture or pattern.

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Pony Hair

Pony hair is a particular calf skin whose hair is not removed, on the contrary, it is taken care and enhanced through colors and prints to give the leather a unique and unmistakable look

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Leather Goods

Leather goods stands out for its personal, subjective character and the variety of finishes. In fact, the most suitable leather is used for the artisanal production of women's and men's bags, bags, suitcases, wallets, small or large leather goods in general.

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