Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Our history

The road to success

Bello Tannery boasts a history of over thirty years. It was born in in the mid-80s in Solofra’s leather tanning district, based in the heart of southern Italy, thanks to Michele and Alfonso Ferrandino’s skillful intuition

Few people know that the Bello tannery was established from scratch after a life of hard work and perseverance. As a matter of fact, Ferrandino family has very humble origin and in this context Michele and Alfonso grow up, who soon get passionate to craftsmanship. They start to work in leather tanning sector, Michele as a leather sander and Alfonso as a drum tanning operator.

They decide to invest their earnings in the tanning sector and to open their own tannery.

It is the beginning of the tanning industrial era that leads Bello tannery to become, year after year, with continuous evolutions in the production processes, a point of reference for the Italian and international market. The turning point took place in 2010 with a corporate change: from S.N.C. to S.P.A., a joint-stock company. It is the demonstration that sacrifices and commitment always pay off.

In 2015, exactly thirty years after the birth of Bello tannery, their sons, Pasquale, Gianmarco and Vincenzo Ferrandino, joined the work team, thus following the family tradition.

Today, like yesterday, it is an enterprising company, attentive to innovation, in the name of tradition and love for this profession.

Company philosophy

The inspiration of Bello tannery is the desire to grow and create something unique and original. In fact, Bello tannery is in continuous development, animated by a constant spirit of research in order to offer exclusive leathers with a high level of style to surprise and never lose in convenience and quality.


Bello tannery pays particular attention to environmental issues. Sustainability means respect for rules, people and environment. Today this is one of the goals where Bello tannery is directing its efforts.

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