Conceria Bello S.p.A

Beauty & Craftsmanship at the service of the fashion system

A story that tells the evolution of Italian tanning know-how.

Nearly forty years ago, back in 1985, Michele Ferrandino’s cult for refinement and love for leather ennobling turned into an entrepreneurial challenge: Conceria Bello S.p.A.

Since then, we have been following an artisan philosophy geared towards preserving human capital. After all, the production process in the Solofra tannery revolves precisely around the figure of the craftsman.

Each item is obtained from the combination of multiple operations, both mechanical and manual, carried out by skilful master craftsmen. We constantly invest in new technologies that can give new value to skills and activate original growth dynamics.


International presence

We have always been involved in the most important trade fairs to take our leather all over the world.

Bello S.p.A al Salón Internacional de la Piel, Valencia (Spagna).

Spain '93

Bello S.p.A at Salón Internacional de la Piel, Valencia (Spain).

Bello S.p.a a LE CUIR A PARIS, Parigi (Francia).

France '95

Bello S.p.A at LE CUIR A PARIS, Paris (France).

Bello S.p.A a Lineapelle, Bologna (Italia)

Bologna '98

Bello S.p.A at Lineapelle, Bologna (Italy).

The great challenge

Made in Italy is not only history, but continuous evolution.

We are called upon to respond to the aesthetic and functional needs of the most demanding brands.

We constantly make our workers and technicians aware of the fact that their work and skills are fundamental parts of the value chain that makes Made in Italy a beloved brand around the world.

Working for the fashion system is a great responsibility, also from an ethical, social and environmental point of view.

We invest in technology, structures and people: this is the weapon of Conceria Bello S.p.A’s success.

We produce Beauty

We embody the world of craftsmanship in its noblest and most refined aspects, paying special attention to detail.

- Michele Ferrandino
Founder & CEO
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