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Process optimization

New value to technological & industrial expertise

A modern model of sustainable tannery, thanks to the most advanced technologies.

Conceria Bello S.p.A. proposes a model of sustainable tannery always attentive to research and innovation that questions its compatibility and coexistence with planet Earth, both today and in the future.

Our company exploits the most advanced technologies for a rational use of energy, water and chemical resources in order to contribute to the important challenge to combat climate change.

Highly skilled workers work daily in technical symbiosis with the most advanced technological and industrial expertise for a kind of development, both environmental and economic, that is sustainable for the future.

The introduction of the best technologies in tanning has enabled us to preserve product excellence and continue to meet the changing needs of major fashion brands.

The adoption of specific measures has enabled us to optimize the production process and improve the work environment. We have adopted a code of ethics to protect and regulate the relationship between the company, operators and outside companies.

We constantly adapt our production process to the ISO 14001, ISO 9001 standards and the LWG protocol.


We think green

Beauty also means sustainability.


Social ethics

Conceria Bello S.p.A. offers an extremely safe, comfortable and healthy working environment, where respect for workers' rights and needs is always a priority.


Raw material traceability

Our company operates a traceability system that always guarantees raw material suitability, breeding quality and processing transparency.


Respect for the environment

The rational exploitation of resources, the limitation and reduction of waste and the use of production processes with a low environmental impact testify to our concern for the environment.

Strict quality assurance protocols

controllo qualità
Quality control

Highly qualified personnel select and track the yield of each batch to ensure that the quality specifications dictated by customers are always met.

Physical-mechanical tests

To guarantee the highest quality and resistance of our leather, we carry out the following physical-mechanical tests: colour fastness to rubbing, adhesion of the finish and resistance to Flexometries, Cold Crack, Tear, Traction, Martindale, Fogging, Taber, Gakushin.

Chemical Tests

We perform accurate chemical tests: aldehyde content on leather, tanning baths and products, total extractable chromium and hexavalent chromium on leather; biocide content; analysis and characterization of solvent extractables; VOC content; characterization of fatty acids; thermogravimetric analysis; pH analysis.

“Technology is the tool that allows us to go beyond the limit, since it enables the evolution of the method.”

- Gianmarco Ferrandino​
Quality control
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