Integrated production cycle

Conceria Bello S.p.A specializes in calfskin, sheepskin and buffalo leather tanning

Calfskin represents a leather class of its own

The most valuable leather for the production of quality items.

Soft, supple and very durable, calfskin is already intact in every part and therefore free of defects.

The workmanship carried out by our master craftsmen tends to leave the preciousness of the raw material intact, already in its raw state, reducing finishing to a minimum. This is why the look and texture of our leather is incredibly natural.

Chrome, metal-free or vegetable tanned leather is offered for different uses such as leather goods, footwear and clothing.

Diversified production

100% made in Italy supply chain

Three types of tanning and uses

A diversified production in five types of leather: calf, goat, lamb, mutton and buffalo. Depending on the intended use, we process the world's best provenances in three types of tanning: chrome, vegetable and metal-free.

progetti speciali

Special projects

We bring special projects to life, actively collaborating with the style departments of our customers both in support of the designers' creative process and in product development.


Complete control of the production cycle

Tanning processes start from the fur and are carried out in-house. The company is equipped with cold storage rooms that ensure the good preservation of the leather in its raw state.

“We are an integral part of the value chain that unites artisans and creators, as it gives life to products of absolute beauty and excellence.”

- Pasquale Ferrandino
Commercial Manager
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