Artisans of Beauty since 1985

Our cult for beauty and excellence makes us artisans of beauty.

For almost forty years in the Tannery District of Solofra (Av), we have loved to call ourselves artisans of Beauty as our calfskin, sheepskin and buffalo leathers are characterized by an extraordinary beauty.

A beauty given by various factors, first of all, by the quality of the raw materials and, then, by the craftsmanship realized by our irreplaceable workers who preserve and hand down, from generation to generation, the centenary art of tannery.

We are able to guarantee excellent results as we have complete control of the production cycle. Thanks to the presence of cold storage rooms that ensure the good preservation of the leather in its raw state, in our Solofra Tannery the tanning processes start from the fur and are carried out in-house.

We are able to offer three different types of tanning (vegetable, free metal and chrome) depending on the intended use and we produce any type of article and color on commission, starting from the customer’s sample.

The painstaking workmanship of our craftsmen manages to keep the quality of the raw unaltered, reducing the finishing to a minimum, in order to create aesthetically beautiful and natural leathers as well as qualitatively perfect.

If you wish to receive more information on the artisans of Beauty or more generally on our products, please contact us using the appropriate form or use one of the contact details indicated on the contact page.

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