Our calf leathers

Soft, natural and precious, calfskin for leather goods, footwear and luxury clothing.

The Conceria Bello S.p.A of the Tannery District of Solofra (Av) produces calfskin, sheepskin and buffalo leather tanning. The company specializes in the tanning of calfskins which represent the most valuable class of skins for the production of quality products.

Calfskin is characterized by a remarkable fullness as its fibers are very thin, but at the same time they give rise to a particularly durable, soft, elastic and foldable material. Furthermore, since these are particularly young leathers, they are free from defects or scratches and, therefore, almost perfect right from the raw state.

The peculiarity of our leathers is the naturalness of the texture and the pleasantness to the touch, given by the quality of the raw materials processed and by the skilful workmanship carried out by our master craftsmen. Thanks to their baggage of manual skills, our experts are able to keep the innate quality of the leather unaltered, reducing the finishing to a minimum. The result is a leather characterized by an authentic beauty, free from imperfections or defects.

Soft and light, the fine calfskin is chrome, metal-free or vegetable tanned, based on the use. In fact, we offer it for different uses such as luxury leather goods, footwear and clothing. Being a particularly precious material, calfskin is, in fact, used only for the most precious productions of the fashion system.

If you wish to receive further informations on our calfskin or more generally on our products, please contact us using the appropriate form or use one of the contact indicated on the contact page.

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